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Giving Back to the Village

To give back to the village in 2011, SunShine Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd. donated an ambulance to the Xinpo Branch of the Taoyuan City Government Fire Department to benefit the people in Xinpo, Guanyin District. SunShine was exceptionally generous and donated a fire control logistics vehicle for the Xinpo Branch of the Taoyuan City Government Fire Department. The car donation ceremony had held at 10 am, on October 21st, 2016, at SunShine Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The detachment hall at Xinpo Fire department is small and old, which can only accommodate two fire trucks and two ambulances. For disaster relief in narrow alleys or country roads, there is still a lack of mobile combat capabilities, especially for vehicles that carry equipment. Most of the jurisdictions in Xinpo are farmland residences. Only small fire control vehicles can enter the roads. Insufficient water sources need to be supplied by large fire trucks at the rear, and often the distance between the two points is too far apart; therefore, small pumps must use to provide water. High-performance fire-fighting logistics vehicle support will enhance disaster relief effectiveness.

Because of this, SunShine Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd. adheres to the spirit of "GIVING BACK TO THE HOMETOWN AND BENEFITING THE HOMETOWN" and specially donated a fire-fighting logistic vehicle for use by the Xinpo Division in disaster relief. Hoping with this will improve the efficiency of fire-fighting, rescue and shorten the response time of dispatch. Moreover, hopefully, this will be a way to attract more people in the community to care about disaster prevention and disaster relief safety issues. Eventuality to created a more protective living area for the citizens of Taoyuan. 

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